so its been a little while since I last posted an update on me and I will do a proper post later this week but just wanted to post some pics from the weekend when I completed the Spartan Race!!!! 

Still kinda in shock that I did it, I hardly trained for it and was recovering from a cold so it was incredibly hard and I am still so sore (two days later) but I am so glad I did it.

I don’t think I will do anything like it again for a very long time though, maybe when I get under 100kg and feel a bit fitter. However the hardest part of the race wasn’t the physical part but dealing with some fears.

I dealt with my claustrophobia head on going though a tiny long tunnel… I had a panic attack in the middle of it and couldn’t breathe and needed my friend to help pull me out near the end so not sure it I really “overcame” the fear but I did get through it. Unfortunately I think it may have made my fear worse, it was a horrible feeling.

My other fear was heights, I had to climb a big ladder up about 2 storeys then climb a cargo net across to another platform and climb down it… it was hard and scary but it was actually ok but I know I will always have a fear of heights.

But anyway I am so glad I did it and its motivated me to get back into my fitness and to change myself for the better :-)